Blockera Facebooks anpassade annonsering

Med webbläsartillägg till Google Chrome och Mozilla Firefox kan du förvränga den anpassade datainsamlingen som Facebook baserar sin annonsering på. Är du trött på att söka efter en ny telefon och sedan bli förföljd i veckor med telefonreklam ska du ta en närmare titt på Fuzzify.

Besides giving you transparency, the tool also helps you minimize data about you. While Facebook constantly assigns you ads categories and the possibility to edit them, most people don’t even know it or have the time to clean out all their ad preferences one-by-one every day. makes it easier. By clicking the “Clean Ads” button on the dashboard, you automatically remove all those categories that are visible to advertisers, while also getting more insight into how you are being targeted.

Over time, you can see whether the types of ads you are seeing have changed over time, according to how often you run the cleaning function of the extension. You can gain more insight not only into how advertisers are targeting you, but also whether or not the privacy controls Facebook has implemented are effective at preventing ad targeting.

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